Chivaro Technologies has network of Organisations across the world to bring together capacities, technology and best practices, through new initative called CHIVARO CONNECT, to provide complete product development solutions to customers.

In the present growing engineering and technology development world, it is challenging to have all the expertise under one roof. CHIVARO Technologies creates partnership with various Domains, Industries across the globe and brings the required expertise to provide a single source of solution to the associated program/customer.

The Following partnerships wherein we can leverage each company’s unique value proposition to meet the Program/customer demands:


Technology Partnership

CHIVARO Technologies brings together technology expertise of various companies across the world for building a consortium of integrated partners. The objective is to provide a complete solution to the customers, spanning across design, engineering simulations, manufacturing engineering, repair engineering, R&D and product realization. Organisations bringing with them a complementing technology or a capability which extends the existing offerings of CHIVARO are a part of this Consortium.


R&D Partnership

CHIVARO technologies engage various companies for development of new technologies for the Industry. These technologies extend existing products capabilities or bring a new and innovative solutions to meet all the requirements. CHIVARO Technologies R&D services bring forth an unforeseen capability to the industry. The areas of focus include New technologies like Advanced composites, Smart materials, Mechatronics, Clean energy, Battery technology, Industrial IOT and Intelligent automation system.


Industry Partnership

CHIVARO technologies engage various companies for development providing a full product realization capability to the Industry. These capabilities extend existing Capabilities in terms of physical testing and manufacturing. CHIVARO Invites like minded companies to form a Consortium of integrated partners. Some of the existing members of this consortium include leading machining, composites & assembly facilities in India and abroad.


Academic Partnerships

In order to fulfill the great demand for qualified and experienced professionals in the Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Transportation, Energy & Industrial systems industries, CHIVARO has formed partnerships with leading Academic institutes for training, recruitment and enabling talented individuals. Our primary focus is on bridging the competence gaps between the academic environment and the industry requirements. With this initiative, CHIVARO foresees creating a significant amount of talent pool and nurturing this pool to be “Industry Ready™”


Business Partnership

CHIVARO Technologies operate globally across geographies in Asia Pacific, North America and Europe. The objective is to ever expand the network of subsidiaries, offices and business locations. Business locations include markets to conduct business operations in partnership with a local entity or individual, well versed with the business methodologies, culture etc of the local region. These partnerships are sustained over a period of time with attractive commercial terms and conditions.

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