Design To Build


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CHIVARO Technologies has expertise to take a product from the concept stage, all the way to production. We understand various product development challenges that are typical to any industry. This helps us to address the entire product lifecycle, starting from feasibility study, through conceptual design, detailed design, analysis & simulation, testing, prototyping, certification, tooling, pre-production and final production.

Process Life Cycle

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All the major product development expertise is available in-house. Specialized expertise is tapped from our well-established collaboration with other companies, which have these specialized skills. We recognize that customers have their own in-house expertise which has been developed over the years and we integrate customer teams into our project teams and work very closely with customers. By doing so together we reduce the total turn-around time for a product design and development thereby bringing out products faster to market.

By extensive industry best practices, CHIVARO Technologies supports customers to design and develop a world class product. The advantages of an integrated approach are that all the elements of the design can be made to work together to produce a better product, that to ensure manufacturing sustenance, and long-life span. This method of new product development allows customers to focus on core competence, without diverting large-scale human resources to the new program.


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  • Price to performance Expectations
  • Ever changing Customer Demands
  • Reduced time
    to market
  • Regulatory
  • Product
  • Complex Systems & Assemblies
  • Costly Physical Prototyping & Testing
  • Distributed
  • Hight Product
    Dev Cost
  • Warranty
  • Maintenance
  • Liability
  • Global
  • Supply Chain Management

Chivaro Connect

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Chivaro has Manufacturing partners in Sheet Metal, Machining, Composites, Electromechanical systems , Assembly , product testing and support organisations. These companies have expertise ,infrastructure and processes to execute Design to Build projects for global program and partnered through “CHIVARO CONNECT”

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