Corporate Overview

Company Profile

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CHIVARO Technologies is a CHIVARO Group company, focusing on high technology Product Design & Development for Aerospace, Defence, Automotive, Transportation, Energy , Industrial systems & Manufacturing Industries

CHIVARO Technologies unique domain driven business model goes beyond typical low-cost models to deliver sustainable business benefits. We provide customers with access to our Engineering & high-technology expertise, best practices and innovative business models to address long-term business objectives. Our understanding of engineering products & software technologies along with highly skilled technical team to deliver long-term value for our customers.

CHIVARO Technologies has capabilities in Engineering Product Design, Simulation, IOT & Embedded System Development & Enterprise- PLM application and implementation. By seamlessly integrating the Mechanical, Electronic and Enterprise systems, CHIVARO Technologies brings a unique value proposition to the customer, based on Product Innovation and highly efficient business models.

CHIVARO Technologies Management & Leadership team comprises of Industry leaders with extensive experience of leading and managing large technology focused organizations. CHIVARO Technologies has an excellent team of highly qualified professionals have wide experience in critical management areas such as Technology Management, Program Management, Business Management & , People Management along with customer Relationship Management.

CHIVARO Technologies is an organization driven by a combination of high-level systems & processes controlled through robust quality management systems (QMS). CHIVARO Technologies operates globally with a strong network of direct and partner offices to be in close proximity of our customers. These offices are equipped with latest computing, communication and security infrastructure, providing 24/7 engineering support.

CHIVARO Technologies is headquartered in Bangalore, India and has presence across Middle east ,Europe, North America and Asia Pacific region.

CHIVARO technologies partners with leading organizations to develop new technologies & complementing solutions to provide full product development capability to the customers.


To Drive Digital Transformation for our Customers Through Engineered Solutions

Focus is the bedrock of our success. We sustain delivery of flexible and customized engineering solutions to our customers with the same single minded focus that we invest in acquiring customers. Such carefully crafted solutions for specific needs of our customers ensure a positive impact to their business and bring about transformational results over a period of time.



To be the Most Recognized and Trusted Global Engineering & Technology Partner to our Customers

Big things happen by doing small things right. Once we know the right thing to do for a customer, we hone it to perfection till we know our customers are delighted with the value we bring on to the table.


Philosophy & Identity

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CHIVARO Technologies strives for improving the quality of life for the mankind. Our technology solutions help humanity to be mobile (Aerospace, Automotive and Transportation), live in safe locations & environments (Defence) and help them work and prosper by using appropriate & efficient systems (Energy and Industrial systems).

CHIVARO Technologies’ philosophy is “Engineering Innovation”. This translates into Innovation being engineered here in a structured manner. Our philosophy signifies of connecting Mind with Heart to derive the best value. Innovation being at all levels within the organization. Long-term relationships with all stakeholders (customers, employees, partners & investors) are based on a passion for being the best.


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The elements imitate a propeller blade or an airfoil (Profoil™), highlighting our commitment for powering our customers to keeping them ahead of competition. The four Profoils™ represents our values: Leadership, Passion, Integrity and Modesty.

Value System

In the increasingly conscience-focused marketplaces of the 21st century, the demand for ethical business practices is increasing. At CHIVARO Technologies, we place a special emphasis to implement business ethics through a charter of values.

Our Values guide us in our journey to become the leading engineering product design and development organization

We focus on leadership in every aspect of our business -- Developing leaders at every level in the organization, in our performance, our customer relations, employee satisfaction, best practice implementation, technology and business innovation.

We practice the highest ethical standards, by honouring our commitments & by taking personal responsibility for our actions. We treat all stakeholders with trust and respect.

We demonstrate, every time and in every action, a passion towards our Work, Business, Customers and our Vision.

We maintain utmost modesty, irrespective of the circumstances.

Quality Systems

Way of life and is based on efficient processes to ensure highest product quality.
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Quality Policy

We are committed to deliver highest quality Technology Services & Products, ontime and at the optinum possible cost to the delight and satisfaction of our customers through continuous improvement of our processes and best practices to achieve leadership in our field.

Quality Objectives

Quality at CHIVARO Technologies is a way of life and is based on efficient processes to ensure highest product quality. Our objective is to create a Maturity Model for Engineering Product Development based on robust quality management systems.

CHIVARO Technologies quality processes are based on ISO 9001:2008, ISO/IEC 27001:2005, & AS 9100 C standards and also specific approvals from Industry & Customer specific quality standards.


CHIVARO CONNECT™ is a unique consortium of organizations that brings together extended capabilities to the engineering industry. Chivaro Technologies creates a multi dimensional value proposition, with integrated partners and vendors, in terms of technology, capability, business reach and cost-effectiveness. Our partners and vendors are aligned through strategic & long-term partnership. This value proposition ensures a win-win situation for all the stakeholders.