Centres of Excellence (COE)


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CELS ( Chivaro Education & learning systems) , a CHIVARO group initiative, is focused on creating skilled Resources (in Engineering discipline) for core engineering industries in India and overseas through various strategic partnerships

To create competent engineers by imparting domain & process apart from software tools and technologies for various industry segments ( AS&D, A&T, E&IS etc..)

Setting up Engineering Centres of Excellence (COE) within the Universities/Institutes for creating skilled engineers in Product Design, Product engineering & simulation, Product testing & validation, Product Manufacturing & product support & maintenance etc. Also in Advanced technology Areas like AI,ML, Data Analytics, Iot, Block chain, Augmented reality etc. along with various software and simulation tools and technologies .

COE – Centre of Excellence

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All the major product development expertise is available in-house. Specialized expertise is tapped from our well-established collaboration with other companies, which have these specialized skills. We recognize that customers have their own in-house expertise which has been developed over the years and we integrate customer teams into our project teams and work very closely with customers. By doing so together we reduce the total turn-around time for a product design and development thereby bringing out products faster to market.

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